Workshops – Fresh Opportunity
Steve offers talks, salons and workshops tailored to topics you and your friends or colleagues might like to explore about creating fresh space in your lives. Below is a brief description, and posters from a number of the programs he has led throughout the United States and Canada.


Gathering together to explore and experience our environment, our perceptions and our feelings; with mindfulness and awareness we can learn from one another;  we can celebrate with one another.  These workshops and salons offer an opportunity to discover your world with a fresh perspective, open to your senses in a fresh moment, and be with others in a fresh way.


As we begin to understand what other people are seeing, hear what other people are thinking, touch what other people are feeling, our shared humanity becomes clear.  At that point we can work together and create fresh space, play together and create fresh possibilities, be together and create a fresh world.


You never know what’s going to happen when you spend time with others.  My workshops and salons offer a loose structure and a relaxed schedule that allows a group of people to become grounded and open so that their inspiration and creativity can naturally express itself in the environment.  We can do this with your friends at home, with your colleagues at the office, or with your community wherever you like to gather.  There’s no real formula, if you are interested by all means let’s talk further! 303-997-7241

Vancouver, British Columbia

Boulder, Colorado

Toronto, Ontario

San Francisco, California

Denver, Colorado

Portland, Oregon

Toronto, Ontario

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