Consultation – Fresh Start
"Steve has a talent for seeing just what needs to shift in an environment that will change the whole feeling. His approach is interactive, completely engaging and quite fun. My home feels warmer and more inviting with the changes he suggested." - Patricia Kelly


Before getting into all kinds of ideas about what you need or what you want, it’s always helpful to take a careful look at what you have already.  Our possessions are an expression of who we are and where we have been, and that’s the basis for a fresh start.

What are the things about your space that you like and what do you dislike?  Where and how do you spend your time?  Where do you keep all your stuff, and how much of it do you really need?  What places do you avoid or ignore?  How do these spaces makes you feel?  Your environment communicates with you.


Is it possible that you aren’t actually using, let alone really appreciating and enjoying the space that you have?


Once we understand what you have, we can explore what you can do with that in order to transform, improve, and uplift your environment and your experience of it. We’ll work together to understand what will support and nourish the sanity, dignity and joy of your life. We’ll contemplate what inspires you, and what will energize you further.  This all has to do with curiosity, creativity, and being open to change.  In other words, taking a fresh look at your world and making space for something new.


Once you’re open to changes, there are always choices about what to do and what not to do.  There is always a range of possibilities for how far you really want to go.  Perhaps you just need to get a fresh perspective on what you have, moving a few things around and clearing some other things away.  Maybe you want to shift a wall or two, or open up the space and remove a wall altogether.   You might even decide to add a room, “pop the top”, put a studio out in the back yard, or build a brand new home.  We can help you with all of these choices…


GETTING ACQUAINTED: Let’s get to know one another.  (Complimentary)

TAKING A FRESH LOOK: Let’s work with what you have.  (Hourly @ studio rates)

STAYING INSIDE THE BOX: Let’s rearrange your floor plan.  (Separate fee proposal)

STEPPING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Let’s see where you can expand and grow.  (Separate fee proposal)

BUILDING FROM THE GROUND UP: We can help you look at land and all its possibilities.  (Separate fee proposal)

MAKING A FRESH START: Thinking of buying or renting? Let’s look at what is the best space for you.  (Hourly @ studio rates)

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