Process – Fresh Perspective
In a collaborative way, I work with my clients aspirations and their environments - where they work, play and get away - and offer a fresh perspective on their world and its possibilities.


My design process is collaborative.  I don’t have some big idea that I want to lay on to my clients or impose on my world.  I find my inspiration in the people and the things around me.

We are all creative, sensitive and intelligent people, and the world is powerful and mysterious.  If we have confidence in our inspiration and in the sacredness of our world, we can create something beautiful, something that has lasting value.

With a fresh perspective and an appreciation of the details of our life, we can find endless opportunities for transformation, and ways to bring out something better in ourselves and our world.


The design process begins with our dreams, our inspiration; a place of openness and possibility; a creative space where we can let our mind and imagination go.  That initial feeling or experience represents the idea of heaven – expansive, fresh and full of delight. At the same time there are always further considerations and practicalities; the location and the climate; the budget and the schedule; the building codes, the structural requirements and so on.  This is the notion of earth – solid, reliable and completely real.


Then there is our personal energy and strength; the support of family and friends; the skill of contractors and tradespeople of all kinds; let’s call this humanity.  When the celebration of heaven is joined with the dignity of earth, along with the warmth and strength of humanity, then genuine creativity and true transformation can occur.  Something tender and powerful begins to develop that we can feel and appreciate.

Whether simply rearranging a closet or building a new home from the ground up, we are always engaged in this basic possibility of joining heaven and earth.  Working together in that way, we can create something beautiful, something meaningful and worthwhile.

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